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Open World Announces Grantees For 2006 Ukraine Civic Program
July 20, 2006

Ukrainian Participants of 2006 Arrive In U.S.

Washington, DC -The Open World Leadership Center today announced grants to 11 U.S. organizations to host approximately 250 civic leaders from Ukraine in 2006. The grants will be used to develop and manage programs for a wide range of Ukrainian leaders. This year's delegations will include community leaders, judges, journalists, election specialists, and NGO representatives. Open World delegates visit the United States for intensive professional exchange programs and cultural residencies lasting from 10 days to two weeks. The first delegation from Ukraine of 2006 arrives in the U.S. today.

Open World is a unique, nonpartisan initiative of the U.S. Congress that brings emerging leaders from Russia, Ukraine, and other participating countries to the United States to work with their counterparts and experience American civil society firsthand. Ukraine was selected for participation in Open World because of its strategic position in Eurasia and its potential to contribute to regional stability. More than 10,500 Open World participants have been hosted in more than 1,500 communities in all 50 U.S. states since the program's inception in 1999. Ukraine participants have come from each of the 27 regions of that country.

The Open World Leadership Center also announced the four main hosting themes for the 2006 Ukraine civic program: accountable governance, independent media, NGO development and rule of law.

"We at Open World are proud to announce our 2006 Ukraine civic grantees and the arrival of our first delegation this year from Ukraine," said Ambassador Richard Miles, Executive Director of the Open World Leadership Center. "Our program is pleased to have a role in supporting the growth of Ukraine's emerging leaders as they strive to increase their expertise in areas such as the development of an independent media and the rule of law, areas that are fundamental to the future of their country."

"By creating opportunities for Ukrainian delegates and American hosts to share professional achievements and problem-solving initiatives, we hope to provide the seeds for cross-cultural partnerships that last well into the future," added Miles.
The Ukrainian delegates arriving in the U.S. today include forty NGO and community leaders, researchers and journalists from 15 regions of Ukraine. The delegates include representatives of a new generation of Ukrainian media, experts in youth issues, human rights advocates, and community economic development experts. Following their orientation in Washington, the participants will divide into separate delegations for a week of intensive professional programming in host cities Atlanta, GA; Huntsville, AL; Kalamazoo, MI; Kansas City, MO; New Orleans, LA; Newton, IA; Pittsburg, PA; Santa Cruz, CA; and Washington, DC.

The 2006 civic grantees are from five states and the District of Columbia:

Academy for Educational Development (Washington, DC)
The Center for Safe Energy (Berkeley, CA)
Friendship Force International (Atlanta, GA)
League of Women Voters (Washington, DC)
Magee Womancare International (Pittsburgh, PA)
National Peace Foundation (Washington, DC)
Rotary International (Evanston, IL)
Russian American Rule of Law Consortium (Burlington, VT)
United States Department of AgricultureŚInternational Institute (Washington, DC)
U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (Washington, DC)
Vital Voices Global Partnership (Washington, DC)

For more information on Open World, please visit the program's website at or contact George Felcyn at (202) 466-6210.